Sunshine (Blink and you’ll miss it)

Well that was a surprise,when we woke this morning there was a huge shining object in the sky, it was the sun !! For the benefit of our friends not living in the UK, this is a huge, very exciting occurrence. I am, by nature, an optimist and so I decided to get the “warm weather” items out of storage and position them around to make the most of the day. Of course this was not an easy task as our garden is what is commonly referred to as compact. So it is all worked out with military precision, a few centimeters out and something has to stay in storage. I must say that I confess to becoming a bit of a control freak when it comes to organizing, and do take on a slightly military stance and voice. Luckily, Jacob is so laid back that it doesn’t worry him in the slightest, he just moves things into position and waits patiently for the next set of instructions.

Melissa chose a chair and was adamant this girl was “not for moving” so I had to work around the seated one, which was fine until there was a gust of wind which caused a plant pot to blow over which in turn caused Melissa to worry about the soil which had been spilled, she does worry about things like that, in her haste to move away from the scene, she fell over another larger pot landing on her knees which resulted in more mess and this situation obviously called for tears. As I went to help I slipped on the wet soil banging my knee, I find there is only one word needed at times like this and am sure it will be one of the first words repeated by Melissa, not in public I hope.

By this time the dogs had started to bark at the fuss, Jacob was getting annoyed, as he wanted to go inside and do some work and I was losing my grip on the whole idea of outdoor living. Melissa meanwhile had decided that the soil incident wasn’t the worst thing on the planet after all and was now smiling away, I on the other hand was thinking about a large glass on Chardonnay, indoors.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine (Blink and you’ll miss it)”

  1. Even though spilt soil and hurt knees aren’t funny, there was definitely the potential for comedy. The Chardonnay was, I’m sure much- needed! 😂🥂


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