I really need a stairlift

Melissa and I are working on a number of challenges at the moment, well I say at the moment but really we have been trying to master the basics for quite a while. Getting dressed ready for School is one major struggle these days, have you ever tried to wrestle a 14-year-old who really wants to just stay in her pj’s watching Mr Tumble on TV ? No, well I can tell you it’s not easy. Many people with disabilities seem to possess super human strength and, unfortunately for me, Melissa is one of them. I am not a large person, I stand at 5ft 4″ tall in my socks and my lovely Daughter stands at 5ft so height wise I don’t have any advantage also, I am, what you may refer to as ‘middle aged’, so it’s a real big deal for me.

All children, irrespective of their abilities, have the knack of lulling a parent into a false sense of security. This morning it was, yes I’ll go upstairs and get dressed then half way up change my mind and go back down, Melissa goes downstairs on her bottom as her balance isn’t very good, this help her to achieve a decent burst of speed. This upstairs downstairs performance was repeated three times each time getting closer to the top, when I finally got her to reach the landing, I realized her favourite T-shirt was on the clothes horse in kitchen, back down as fast as I could with the famous words, “don’t move”. Back upstairs and now she needs a drink, I think the  “You will have to wait” caused the main battle to begin. I can confirm, without hesitation, that it is impossible to dress a child when they decide to prevent their limbs from bending at the joints.

I am blessed with a certain amount of patience and this has increased over the years since Melissa, but getting her ready for the school bus in the morning uses every single ounce I have. Ignoring all the advice from books and experts, I run downstairs to get some water, then run back up in a vain hope it will do the job. Finally after 45 minutes negotiating she is dressed, so down we go. I have left her jacket on her bed, damn. back up once again then hair brushed and the bus is here, all aboard and off she goes full of smiles.

I am exhausted, the need for caffeine is strong so I switch the kettle on and yes now I need the loo. I wonder if I could afford a stairlift, maybe Thora Hird knows a good man.



3 thoughts on “I really need a stairlift”

  1. Thankyou for that. Melissa is lovely but I can imagine how difficult ordinary day to day tasks are when she doesn’t want to cooperate. Think you need a PA as well as her but may be a stair lift would be useful. Unless Melissa worked out how to use it!

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