Pass the sausage rolls

It was my Birthday yesterday, my age ? well lets just say over 50 and leave it at that shall we. We had a discussion and as it was my day I got to choose where we went, so of course I chose the Lake District, which is situated in the North of England, for all my overseas friends, Google it when you have a minute.

The sun was shining when we loaded the car and started out, we had to make a short trip around the block as Jacob had forgotten his sunglasses, then we were off, it doesn’t take more than an hour and half to get there so once all the rush hour traffic was gone it was a relatively easy journey. Melissa has an obsession with Christmas films and at present the DVDs of choice are from the cbeebies crew, Jack and the beanstalk, Strictly Cinderella and A Christmas Carol, you know the sort lots of  bad singing and the usual awful  pantomime jokes, but it keeps her amused in the car for the journey so the portable DVD player has been worth the cost. Jacob on the other hand doesn’t want to join in with the “everybody here loves Christmas” song, muttering something about it being May and not December, so he turned on the radio, it was not a quite journey to say the least.

Once we turned off the motorway Melissa was hungry, so a cafe is the priority, most importantly is a friendly cafe as customers who don’t want to be tapped on the arm and waved at will not be tolerated at any cost, not by me, by madam. Melissa has inherited my ability to convey a thousand word disapproval with one glance. Luckily we found a  cafe which met with the criteria, a lovely place near the river Brathay, Chesters is really nice with the most friendly staff and customers.

It has to be said that most of the visitors to the Lake District are friendly and will greet you with a big “Hello” if you happen to meet on a walk. It is always so lovely when people bring their dogs over to Melissa to say hi and during our walk looking for photo opportunities we met a lot of such friendly folk. I am a little bit of a photo taker as anyone will tell you, but I don’t think you can have too many photographs to look back on. I was wearing my “It’s my Birthday” badge and besides looking as if I were 5 it did provide me with a few Happy Birthday wishes.

This outing also provided the perfect opportunity to try out Melissa’s all terrain wheelchair, which was very kindly funded by her fabulous Twitter followers through donations and fundraising efforts. The chair is amazing with tough tyres able to negotiate the roughest terrain, we set off to tackle Tarn Hows, It was a breeze, well for me at least, Jacob had to push the chair up the steep parts, I did try but started to roll backwards half way up and had to be rescued, 17 year olds have so much more strength than me. The walk was lovely in the sunshine and the views more than make up of a bit of effort getting there.

Picnic time next and after taking a wrong turning and having to go back on ourselves we headed for Wray Castle, a picnic spot we have used for many years and still one of our favourites. I don’t think you can beat homemade sandwiches and sausage rolls outdoors on a sunny day. A few more pics then we decided to head home to beat the traffic once again,

Jack and the beanstalk and capital radio accompanied our journey and soon we were parked on our drive safely home.

To finish the day in style called for a glass of fizz or two and an episode of Hawaii Five-O, just to make sure that Steve McGarrett aka the lovely Alex O’Loughlin was just as amazing as ever, and he was.





4 thoughts on “Pass the sausage rolls”

  1. Sounds great fun apart from the conflicting car radio and DVD player. It made me smile. Home made sandwiches reminds me of picnics we had when I was a child in Derbyshire. No car then so we set off loaded with bags, me with a little one as I was only 5 or 6. We’d catch a bus and once we got there often Chatsworth house we would find a suitable spot. Then out came the table cloth then the food was spread on the cloth ; sandwiches, jam tarts victoria
    sponge, scones. And of course the flask of tea. Happy memories.

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