You don’t say…

Melissa doesn’t have any words yet, I much prefer to say that rather than Melissa can’t speak, as this tends to help prevent the sympathetic noises and sad faces. I can’t say why this is as doesn’t it mean the same thing, no speech? Maybe it’s because it takes most people a few minutes to process the idea of someone not having any words, and what exactly that means.

Actually, that statement is not true anymore as Melissa, much to my delight, said “Mamma” one year ago, at age 12. This was one of those truly amazing moments when you are not expecting something so monumental to happen. We were watching TV, some pointless children’s programme, you know one of the new ones which are supposed to teach the child something, but as a parent you are never quite sure what the lesson is even though you sit through the 15 minutes of nonsense, and as I had zoned out and was taking no notice of Melissa constantly tapping my arm, as she does this all the time, her frustration manifested itself into one precious word, Mamma.

This was such huge milestone in our lives that it called for champagne, just for me and Jacob of course. Melissa couldn’t see what all the fuss was about and refused to say it again for the rest of the day. This event also provoked a new sense of hope, if she can say one word why not more, will she be able to say I love you Mum, will we have conversations about silly things, so many possibilities.

As of now we still only have the one word but Melissa uses it all the time to get my attention so fingers crossed for many more. And I have promise never to tell her to be quite if she does find her voice and wants to use it all the time, then that is just fine by me.




5 thoughts on “You don’t say…”

  1. What an amazing moment that must have been. And yes you are so right in saying you will never tell here to be quiet. Am sure she will learn to say other words . 😊

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  2. So lovely. My Gran used to say (about due dates for babies or any other developmental ‘milestone’) that the apple only falls from the tree when it’s ripe. Melissa is obviously ripening at her own pace! Much love xxx


  3. I know something of how you feel my grand daughter was born profoundly deaf and despite cochlear implants speech has been slow but aged 5 she suddenly shrieked gan gan ! It’s stuck I’ll be forever gan gan !!

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