I am Melissa

A little piece written from Melissa’s perspective

Hello I am Melissa I am 14 years old and go to School which is all right but a bit of a pain when I have to do things I don’t want to like sorting shapes and numbers into the correct order and matching the letters that make up my name, which is Melissa by the way, did I say that already?

I like to listen to music and dance along to the tunes I have developed my own brand of dance it is called the Melissa shake unfortunately my body decides to do this when I am trying to eat my meals or get dressed in the morning or just play, this is not as much fun as when I actually want to groove to the tunes, I believe these are called seizures and I hate them. I have named my particular moves the Melissa shake as my name is Melissa, I am sure I mentioned that earlier.

I sometimes have to leave when I am not supposed to, I don’t actually get up and walk away, I just drift away for a little while, I look at you but don’t see you then the serious Melissa shake takes over and I am even more scary for the people who don’t know what to make of me, I am told it is called epilepsy, can’t see what all the fuss is about I just have a little nap afterwards and bounce right back. Why does she say, ” Melissa you scared mummy”. Melissa that’s my name.

I love to meet new people and sometimes will wave to people I haven’t yet met, some of them wave back and others cross the road or pretend they haven’t seen me, I know they are pretending because when I wave it is quite animated I use both my hands and arms I suppose you could describe it as flapping, all though I am told I will never take off and fly, I am not sure so I will keep trying, it’s a Melissa thing, that’s me.

On the subject of sleep, really over rated if you ask me, everyone knows people only need 10 minute power naps through the night otherwise you may miss something really important and you can’t eat when you are asleep. I don’t think mum agrees with me on this and we do have disagreements every night, sometimes quite heated, go to ******* sleep Melissa, please.

Well that‘s enough about me for now. Except to add I have a condition called Angelman syndrome, I have added this at the end as I wanted to explain I am Melissa please don’t think of me as the child that has something wrong with her or the poor little Girl who is a bit slow………MELISSA just so you don’t forget. xx


9 thoughts on “I am Melissa”

  1. Melissa this comment is mainly for you . Am sure mum will read it to you.
    Your smiles everyday cheer me up. Mum is right about you sleeping. We all need more than 10min power naps honestly we do especially when we get a bit older. I need lots of sleep. Doing your school work is important. I know you don’t really believe me. 😊
    Your mum is amazing she cares for you and has to work so hard and yes she gets worried when you are having a seizure or a fit. All mums get scared when their beloved children are unwell.
    I’m sure you love your mum very much . You have a wonderful family watching out for you . Thankyou for sharing what it is like to be Melissa.

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  2. You are one amazing young lady. I would love to meet you and would happily wave back. Nothing wrong with midnight feasting and dancing. You are Melissa super special with the gift of making people happy. Xxxx

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  3. You are Melissa. You are not defined by Angelman Syndrome, you are Melissa and everyone who gets the pleasure of meeting you sees the wonderful smiles you give.
    You are Melissa and my life is all the better for knowing you. ❤️

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