Quiet on Set!

Have you ever had an idea, one you thought was so brilliant that you were sure it was going to work, I mean really be the best idea ever ? Yes, so have I but, there is one problem with mine, well maybe more than one problem but, a huge enormous one. You see I don’t personally know any Film directors, well I suppose not many people do but this for them is not an issue but for me it is.

Let me explain, my idea is to make a film about Melissa, why you say ? well, for a start I made her a Twitter page which has quickly grown to have over 10,000 followers, some of which are ‘famous’ (they have blue ticks) and are seen on TV or in movies. While it is very flattering to have these well know people as followers it is the ordinary folk just like us who are the best support and the ones I like to consider friends. And every post I make on Melissa’s behalf is met with lovely positive comments, how she brightens their day or makes them feel good on very bad days etc.

This film idea has been pushing it’s way into my thoughts for many months now and although I have managed to dismiss the notion with a firm “it will never happen” and relegate it to the back of my mind somehow, now it has forced its way to the front and now it has become a type of mission for me. If I fail then so be it but at least I can say I tried to make this particular dream come true.

What would make this a movie worth watching, well Melissa is the most amazing example of resilience I have ever know. Imagine going through life never speaking, just try it for one day I dare you. I tried and it was the most difficult and frustrating task I have ever attempted, I must confess to giving up after just one hour, I felt exhausted, drained and angry even at the lack of understanding and empathy shown by nearly all the people I encountered. I carried a piece of paper with the words “I am unable to speak” printed, which I quickly found out can be easily translated to “Just ignore me and I will likely go away”. But please don’t think it is just this aspect Melissa’s journey with Angelman Syndrome which is a problem she deals with so much on a daily basis, much more than I could ever cope with, all day to day activities we all take for granted, which I did until I had Melissa. But I don’t want it to just focus on the AS part of Melissa’s life, she is much more than her diagnosis, she is an amazing human being with a wicked sense of humor and is a very intelligent young lady.

Having said all this we do have a great deal of fun as well, Jacob and I often compare some days to a series of comedy sketches. Some things we laugh about would probably seem inappropriate to some people, toileting for example but this is how we deal with our different life. Sometimes we just collapse in fits of giggles which can last for hours as the events follow one another.Melissa is a joy to have in our lives and we are fortunate to have her as part of our little group of three. She has taught me far more than I have taught her and continues to do so every day.

There are so many stories I haven’t shared with you all yet and that is why I think this would be a wonderful idea.

It has been decided Melissa and Jacob would play themselves but, I am a little camera shy so asked Jacob for suggestions, he said ” Michelle Pfeiffer ” Feeling flattered I asked “why” he said “Because she is about your age”….crushed.


3 thoughts on “Quiet on Set!”

  1. I’m fascinated by your blog. I had never heard of AS until a retweet brought Melissa into my Twitter world. Melissa is amazing, and so are you.

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  2. Brilliant idea. There have been other films about wonderful children. That’s how I think of Melissa . Unfortunately I know no film directors. Or people who back films. I hope you can do this sometimes the most unlikely ideas come to fruition.

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