She Ain’t Heavy , She’s My Sister

I was never lucky enough to have a brother, or a sister for that matter, but a brother was always the one thing I most wanted most in all the world, it was no one’s fault it just never happened, so I was destined to be an only child. Growing up was great having the attention of both my lovely parents when all around me my friends would have to learn to shout the loudest or outdo their siblings to gain the attention of one or other parent. Christmas morning was always a mass of gifts all for me, my friends would look in envy at the latest toys or gadgets when they all had to share their gifts, they never knew that I used to look at them in envy as they wrestled and fought with their brothers, telling tales and looking smug when the poor boys would get a severe telling off for being mean to their sisters. I wanted to be a sister.

I am so happy that Melissa has a big brother, and I must say that she has one of the best in Jacob. I love the way he helps her and always has, even when she was very young. Jacob was nearly three when Melissa was born and from the very first time he saw her  he loved her, I had hidden a small gift in her crib when he came to see us in hospital, which I pretended was from his new little sister, so of course he was immediately hooked.

Over the years their bond has got stronger, it was apparent from the start Melissa had many problems to contend with, Jacob helped in every way he could. He is especially proud of the way he helped her learn to crawl, then stand and eventually walk. He was the sort of brother who would just take himself off get some toys and sit and play with her, even when she was a bit of a handful and would throw something at him or smack him he never hit back, he would simply walk away and give her space. As they are growing up and Jacob is becoming a truly wonderful young man he still thinks of Melissa as his baby sister, she is 14 now but is still in many ways a little girl, who needs to be looked after and always will. Sometimes he does get a little upset with her if she goes into his room and makes a mess or breaks something of his, but I know if it came down to it he would protect her with his life. He does so much for Melissa, pushing her in her chair when I can’t manage the steep paths and helping to carry her when I can’t. I know he looks at his friends who have sisters they can talk to about things and share jokes with, enjoy all manner of adventures we can’t and I know he must feel a little bit jealous, but he has never said anything and never puts any blame on Melissa.

Jacob is Eighteen in August and getting ready to go off to University, I don’t know how Melissa will cope with him leaving home, she worries now if he goes to a party or out with friends, and isn’t happy till he is home. We are trying to make her understand but only time will tell.20180525_075649.jpg



3 thoughts on “She Ain’t Heavy , She’s My Sister”

  1. What a lovely young man Jacob is.
    Melissa is very blessed to have such a great brother.
    I guess it will be difficult when Jacob goes to uni. But at least there is Skype which I don’t even understand but am sure Jacob does. Hopefully this might make the separation a bit easier for Melissa. Thankyou once again for sharing.

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  2. Reblogged this on Claire's Couch and commented:
    It will be very trying for all of you. I understand worshipping Jacob as a wee sister even though I’m 40 haha. My big brothers are my life and the bond between a Big brother and his wee Sister is an unexplainable and unbelievable bond that no one else can understand. Jacob will be OK and so will Mellisa and so will mum. We are all here for you all. Xxxx

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