Is she talking to me ?

Am I the only person who has full-blown conversations with themselves ? I’m pretty sure I can’t be. I don’t have a problem with this as I do spend quite a good deal of my time by myself, once I have packed the children off to College and school and unless I have any errands to run it’s just me and the dogs. I do try to relax, as Melissa doesn’t sleep very well and so we have many nocturnal adventures, but I don’t seem to have the ability to sit still for any length of time, this is my main reason for starting out on my writing journey.

What was the reason for my opening statement to this story, well, I have started to write a sitcom, I know what you are thinking, I must be mad, maybe I am and I know I will probably never be the next Victoria Wood but it is good therapy for me and so I am carrying on with my scribbled notes and pointers on a white board. This is where the talking to myself comes into the picture, well I wasn’t actually just talking more acting as the various characters in my little story, which is a good way of helping me to see if they work or not. Nothing wrong with that you say, except I was in the garden marching around pointing and using different voices for each of the characters, jumping from one spot to another to enable the second part of a conversation. I was thoroughly enjoying myself laughing at the jokes, making notes on the bits of dialogue I had written and adding more, what I thought to be quite funny, lines. It was all going so well until I looked up at the house across the garden from ours, standing at the window with a look of bewilderment was a new neighbour. I had not seen her before, only heard her dulcet tones piercing the peace and quiet of a lazy Sunday afternoon. She didn’t look like she would respond to a cheery wave, so I didn’t offer one.

I decided that my acting, directing, writing career could have a little rest for a while and so gathered up my things and retired indoors. Shopping was the next thing planned I only needed a few things so I thought I would pop to the shop. This is where my next dilemma comes into the picture, do I actually talk to myself whilst I’m shopping.

I’m sure this topic will have many more outings as I progress with my scribblings so you have been warned.

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