School Holiday Countdown

I think I must be one of only a handful of parents who are actually looking forward to the School summer holidays, not because we are jetting off somewhere sunny or have amazing plans, just because I will have the luxury of not having to get Melissa out of bed, dressed, breakfasted, medication taken and ready in time for the school bus. My stress levels will reduce, hopefully,and I will get to enjoy my first cup of coffee in peace, maybe. School day Mornings are a little hectic in our household, definitely not a place for the faint-hearted, or easily offended, as my language on some occasions, shall we say, is a little colourful so any chance to avoid raising my blood pressure is welcomed.

We aren’t going away again this year, my piggy bank has always said sorry not enough funds, but, next year we are going to get away, we have made a promise to ourselves that whatever happens a beach holiday will be ours, or maybe Mickey Mouse will beckon us to his magical world.

I do try to make the holidays as much fun as possible but I suppose I am a little envious of the mothers I know who can, at the drop of a hat, organise full days of amazing activities for their little ones produce amazing works of art, squeeze in a full shop with no tantrums and still manage to look perfect at the end of the day. Melissa has the attention span of a peanut, and I do say that with all the love in the world, but it does make keeping her amused a mammoth task. Lets play building blocks, blocks all over floor 2 minutes later blocks back in box, lets try making a picture, glue everywhere the horror that is glitter in her hair my hair and just about everywhere else, activity abandoned after a few minutes and so it carries on. So am I mad to long for holidays, maybe but at least we can stay in pjs to eat breakfast and although getting dressed is still a battle it’s not against the clock.

I do have good ideas sometimes and Picnic days are always the best, the promise of egg mayo sandwiches by the lake or on the beach after a walk or if Jacob and I are feeling fit enough, a hike complete with wheelchair, up one of the many small inclines, I can’t really say fells as we have not been that brave yet, or along the beach skirting along the edge of the sea with Melissa squealing and me laughing ; With this in mind I suppose, Mrs Perfect and her little darlings aren’t really to be envied as grubby faces and scuffed knees probably wouldn’t be allowed.

So yes, maybe for me as well as the children I say “Bring on half term” oh and as a PS can the lovely sunshine last for another couple of months please.

4 thoughts on “School Holiday Countdown”

  1. I love these insights into life with Melissa. You are a mum in a million. But then you do what mums do. Hopefully the sunshine will continue and the holidays will be fun. X

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  2. You have my empathy on this I had 3 under 5 and trying to get them ready at same time absolute nightmare! Hoping you have a nice holiday with lots of nice memories made!
    Love to you all
    Karen deakin

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