University beckons

I can’t believe my little boy is 18 and now a University student,  where does the time go. We helped him move into his halls of residence yesterday, such an emotional day for all of us. How do you decide what to take, Jacob was sure he didn’t want to take too much stuff, although the car was pretty packed when we left. Our neighbour asked if was taking everything but the kitchen sink, and if he did want to take a sink he had one in his garage !!

Luckily the university is only about 45 minutes away so the journey wasn’t too bad even if the rain was pretty heavy and persistent. Once we arrived at the halls and parked up a few of the older students, who had been roped in to help the new guys move in, came over, dressed in rather fetching matching American football jerseys and rain ponchos, pushing a large 4 wheel trolley.  Jacobs belongings were loaded onto the trolley and we were directed over to registration from where his key could be collected, this done we were taken over to his block, as there isn’t a lift the guys and Jacob had to make a few trips up and down the stairs, it was very busy as everyone was moving in at the same time or so it seemed, so Melissa and I climbed the stairs and stayed put in Jacobs room.

Once everything was in the room we thanked the helpers and just as they left a large guy wearing one of the Football jerseys appeared in the doorway, and asked if Jacob had ever thought of playing American Football, put a lid and some pads on your and you will be great, he told us he was the captain of the team and had spotted Jacob as he arrived and thought he would have to say hello to such a promising new recruit to their team. After he left I put my Mum cleaning hat on and tackled the bathroom first, not a very pleasant job as I don’t know what the cleaners class as clean but it falls sadly short of my standards. I also insisted in spraying the mattress and all surfaces with industrial strength Dettol. Once I was happy with the cleanliness I stored the cleaning products in the corner of his bathroom and we went to explore the shared kitchen space, each student gets two cupboards and a shelf in the fridge and freezer. It isn’t a bad size of kitchen but I couldn’t help thinking about seven 18 year olds all trying to cook something edible at the same time !! One of the other students was already unloading his supplies with help from his Mum, Jacob and I said hello the guys shook hands and his Mum, who was very expertly unpacking a huge box of goodies, worryingly far larger than I had packed for Jacob, told me this was her third child installed into University life, I felt very mediocre next to this Uni Super Mum. I was spared any more feelings of guilt as another student appeared and after the initial introductions began to unpack his kitchen supplies on his own, which I did notice, much to my relief,  didn’t contain much more than Jacob had packed.

Without wanting to cramp Jacob’s style or out stay our welcome, we returned to Jacob’s room made his bed, packed all the rubbish into one bag and prepared to leave. As we returned to our car I had an overwhelming feeling I was abandoning my Son, would he be alright, would he make friends, would he eat properly or sleep well, but I put on a brave face and we all hugged and said Love you and Melissa and I drove off leaving Jacob to his new-found freedom.

I sent Jacob a message once we were home and he assured me he was fine, I couldn’t resist the temptation later to ask about his dinner and if he was on his own or with others, he again said he was fine so I wished him goodnight and went to bed.

Much as I am really sure Jacob will be more than fine and make a complete success of University life, he is still my baby and just like any other Mum I worry about him and always will. So be prepared for many Texts Jacob.

4 thoughts on “University beckons”

  1. My daughter goes back to uni tomorrow for her third and final year. She said that rather than being excited it’s more of a case of ‘here we go again’.
    Student accommodation bathrooms and kitchens are places I avoid like the plague… lol.
    Good luck Jacob 🙂

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this blog. Reminded me of leaving my daughter, Laura, in Halls at the University of Hull. Jacob will have a great time. One of my abiding memories is getting a text from Laura at 2am to tell me that she and her friends were “on the town” had just started on their third bottle of champagne. CHAMPAGNE?!! Student loan? Aaagh!
    It will be strange for you not having him around, though.

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