I’ll arrive at the station at 3:15

Earlier I returned from dropping Jacob back to University after a very enjoyable weekend. It was a lovely surprise to receive a text from Jacob on Friday to say he would be coming home on the 3.15 train. As his timetable ended at 2pm and nothing was planned for the weekend he thought home cooking and Mum doing his washing was too good an opportunity to miss. I must say I was puzzled as I have always thought of  the first week at University as a mad time with experimental drinks in the student bar and silly behaviour as the norm, maybe because for most of the students it is their first time away from home but, according to Jacob this is not the case, it seems these days the students are a little more in control than when I was young. This is most reassuring to me as a parent.

I must say the loveliest part of Jacob’s Text was the part where he said it was only a half hour train journey and so he could be home for Melissa coming home from School, he knew this would be a real treat for her as she has been very confused all week wondering where he was.

I collected him from the station as planned and we got home in plenty of time to meet Melissa off the school bus, her face was an absolute picture when she saw him standing in the doorway. I know most of you will be thinking he has only been gone a week but, for Melissa the whole idea that your Brother, who has always been there, is now not there is too much to handle and very confusing. I have tried to explain that he now lives at University with his friends and will come home to visit but it is very difficult for her to understand.

We decided that is would be a weekend of fun and so played Melissa’s choice of games ate too many snacks and generally had a lazy time. which I am sure you will agree is a great way to spend a weekend, sometimes.

4 thoughts on “I’ll arrive at the station at 3:15”

  1. Your blogs just get better and better. Sounds like it was a lovely weekend. Students sure have changed their lifestyles since the 1970s! Many wouldn’t have been in a fit state to find the station, never mind catch the train. 😹😹😹

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