About us

I hereby promise that this blog will cover the good, the bad and the ugly…It will be a little peek into our life. Be prepared for plenty of laughs but there will be tears and sadness too.

I felt I needed to say that as I really want to show that, although Melissa’s smile is indeed one of the most marvelous you will ever see, there is a more serious side to Angelman syndrome and much more involved in caring for a child with a complex neurological condition.

So let me introduce you to our little Trio, known with affection as, “The Three Musketeers”.

I will begin by introducing myself Kathryn, Mum, carer, cook, cleaner and general P.A.  to two of the most fabulous people on the planet, but then I am biased.

Next I would like to introduce Jacob, the most caring, kind, amazing Son any Mum could have, and the most patient, caring big brother anybody would be proud of.

Making up the Trio is Melissa, the reason behind my setting up this blog. The fearless warrior who battles with Angelman Syndrome and all of the problems involved in an  amazing and humbling way. The one person who has taught me so much I didn’t know about myself, she has shown me the strength to handle whatever life throws our way with the resolve and determination to match her own.


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